Boston-Area Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt


Boston-area families won’t be able to attend our typical Easter egg hunts this year, but with a little help from our local communities, we can go on an Easter egg hunt while still practicing social distancing! Similar to the “bear hunts” and “chalk walks” we’ve seen happening in neighborhoods all over America, our egg hunt works best if lots of neighbors (young and old) participate.

So, spread the word in your local neighborhood!

How it works::

  1. Download and print the Boston Moms Egg Hunt template!

  2. Decorate your favorite egg.

  3. Display your egg(s) in your windows by Wednesday, April 8

Egg Hunt April 9–12::

Go on an egg hunt with your loved ones to see how many eggs you can find! *Don’t forget* to take a picture of the beautiful eggs you find and share to the Boston Moms Facebook thread and tag Boston Moms on social media!

Let’s see how many towns in the Boston area participate!!