A Day Date at the MFA



Are you looking for an alternative to the traditional “dinner and a movie” date night?  Head to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston for a day date!

So often our days are crammed with cleaning, laundry, play dates, nap schedules, and working that by the time date night rolls around we have to practically drag ourselves out of the house.  I am definitely guilty of taking a short snooze during a late night movie.  Sorry Babe!

Dinner and a movie has also become a pretty high priced evening. Add in the cost of a babysitter and you could be looking at a $200 price tag!  Finances can be tight with little ones and sometimes budgeting for a date night can be challenging.  A “day date” is a great alternative to an expensive evening out!  Check your local library for a museum pass which may offer up to a 50% discount on admission fees!

Spending time together during the daytime hours, before feeling run down, can leave you feeling recharged.  It is a change from a typical night out and a great way to reconnect!  My husband did not expect to enjoy himself as much as he did.  We were both pleasantly surprised by how much we really enjoyed this time together and these are our reasons why!

  • It was the first time in a long time where we didn’t have to discuss schedules, grocery lists, finances, or kids.  We were able to walk leisurely and admire our surroundings.  It was liberating!
  • The atmosphere offers an opportunity to communicate through hand holding or placing an arm over one another’s shoulder.  It felt like an old-timey date!
  • The art itself provided a fullness to the room so the absence of background noise wasn’t really missed
  • It’s a great place to unplug.  It almost felt rude to take too many photos and you don’t exactly stop between Monet and Degas to check Facebook.
  • All of the art is well labeled so you leave with more knowledge than you came with.
  • You can have a meal or a glass of wine in the Museum!  There are 4 dining options, from a gourmet sit down meal to a family friendly cafeteria.  There is sure to be something to fit your taste and budget.
  • It’s pretty easy to get to.  You can opt to drive in or take the Green Line.  The museum recommends public transportation, particularly for busy weekends when parking can fill up quickly.
  • There are were exhibits that we weren’t able to see because we ran out of time so we have a reason to go back!
  • We ate a large breakfast before visiting, so we didn’t have a chance to sample any of the cuisine.  Another great reason to go back!
  • Visiting exhibits! My husband really liked Over There! Posters from WWI” and I loved “Hollywood Glamour”  


Don’t just take my word for it!  Go and see priceless works of art and spend a little quiet time with the one you love.  Visit the Museum of Fine Arts website for a current and future list of visiting exhibits and schedule your day date!

“People discuss my art and pretend to understand it as if it were something to understand, when it is simply necessary to love”

Claude Monet