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This post is sponsored by our friends at New England Design & Construction. Below, you'll find a heartfelt letter by Dave Supple, Boston dad and founder/chief executive officer of NEDC. We encourage you to read more about Design Build and seek out NEDC for your renovation needs!

Over the past few months we have all gotten familiar with the interiors of our homes at levels never previously anticipated.

Add school closures, several young children per household, mounting stress of trying to work from home while tending children, and the collective scream forming on the lips of parents across New England can very nearly be heard.

I understand. We understand — very much so. Being home 24/7 with my two young ones — ages 6 and 3 — has been quite an experience. 

We now know our homes inside and out at a level never previously imagined. Our familiarity with their interiors and exteriors is on par with the intimacy of a 20-year married couple. How many steps to the refrigerator. The texture of the bathroom paint. The inadequate lighting in the living room. Lack of a properly isolated and equipped workspace. That illogical kitchen layout that we have tolerated for years. Shelves that are too high. Drawers that are too low.

Household deficiencies that previously seemed like distant possibilities now feel like musts.  A home workplace. A home gym space. These were fleeting thoughts of fantasy previously. They now seem as essential as our morning coffee.

We are talking about quality of life. Quality of home. Happiness. Family. Future.

I’ve had these thoughts run through my mind over these past weeks as the world, workplace, family, and educational dynamics shift in front of our faces and, by cultural necessity, seem to collapse into one venue — our homes.

In a world full of uncertainty, I have come to the conclusion there is at least ONE immediate vital certainty that can be created over which we can directly control. 

Our homes.

And by that I mean the homes/workplaces/schools/gyms/theatres/adventure parks that our homes have now become for the present and foreseeable future.

Home and family as a pillar of certainty seems like it has never been more vital. The importance of creating a staunch and solid Winterfell amidst the swirling turmoil of Westeros — a Game of Homes, in so many words.

Design Build is the medium through which this can be achieved.

It is a route of planning, creativity, and execution that is cost-effective, efficient, and fully accountable. This is nature’s way of building and has been done for thousands of years.

So as a father of two and a Boston professional, this is my personal message to mothers: Quite simply, it is time to upgrade to Design Build. Now IS the time. You can have your ideal home, kitchen, and living space, free of stress and at a cost and speed that is both economical and efficient.

Design Build can help families achieve the living space and home environment that will help facilitate and propel their lives to their own design, vision, and satisfaction.

How does this work, and why am I saying this? Let’s start with the fundamentals:

What is Design Build?

Design Build is the natural course of design, planning, and construction that has been used since the advent of humanity. It is the natural sequencing of vision, design, planning, and construction execution under one single responsible individual or group.

Sound simple and sane? It is. It is also faster, more efficient, and less expensive than separating the functions and responsibilities of designer, architect, and contractor. This arbitrary and damaging fracture of inherent responsibility often leads to over-budget and off-schedule projects with finger-pointing and no clearly responsible individual.

You or someone close to you may already have lived this headache previously. It’s not fun. Conflict and over-expenditure are good for exactly no one right now.

Design Build is the opposite: A single professional entity responsible for delivering the project from start to finish, exactly as the client wishes and within their own creative standards and budgeting objectives. Think of Design Build as organic and paleo compared to an array of GMO-laden items fraught with refined sugar in the cereal aisle. 

Will Design Build save me and my family money?

Yes. Design Build projects routinely come in 6 percent less expensive while being delivered 12 percent or more faster. In real, tangible terms that means a potential $12K saved on a $200K project, completed several weeks or more in advance.

Who is that good for? Everyone.

What are the advantages of using Design Build now?

Here are some of the most basic:

Design Build allows the owners and Design Build planning team to design the project exactly to the wishes of the client, both aesthetically and along budgeting lines. Meaning the project doesn’t get designed then suddenly turn out to cost $200K more than initially planned after the planning stage is completed and bid out to contractors, rendering the planning useless… which you have already paid for. Ouch.

The Design Build team is thinking about and owning the project from start to finish. From design conception to the last nail driven, it’s a truly accountable individual and team.

Power and value can actually be simple.

So, Design Build will do the following:

  1. Save you money — valuable in all times, especially now.

  2. Complete your project swiftly and rapidly.

  3. Increase the general quality of your project and ensure it is the right and optimal project for you and your family. You have a direct line to a solely responsible entity the entire project. Not three professionals with partial responsibility. One with full responsibility available to you at all times. No headaches.

There is truly no better or more intelligent time to put in place the practical and ideal home setting for you and your family.

This is not a sales pitch, but a true and sincere offer of value and experience from a Boston father with nearly 20 years experience in this field. After all, this is your children’s sanctuary — and yours.

The place where they will grow, plan, and reach for their futures.

Feel free to reach out with any thoughts or questions. I’d love to help.

Dave (617-474-0309)

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