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Redefining Productivity

I am lucky enough to be married to a man who has never once come home and asked me what I did all day. This could be because he values his life, or it...
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I Loved the Baby More

The nursery is being transformed. This room, formerly awash with blues, greens, and monster stickers on the wall, now boasts pink accents and flowers. Tiny dresses are hanging in the closet. For the last...
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Addiction, Sobriety, and Showing Up

Three years ago, one of the deepest, darkest desires of my heart, unconfessed until now, was that my older brother would just take off. Maybe move to California, Colorado... anywhere far. Anywhere where he would no...
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Super Bowl 2017 Recipe Roundup — Go Pats!

It's a few days away, and I can feel the excitement building. There's a buzz in the air, number 12 jerseys abound, and all the schools are gearing up for spirit day. For a...
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Weathering the Storm

I should have seen it coming. Like dark clouds rolling in, the signs should have been clear as day. Smoldering glares and bursts of attitude all night long; two long days of barely seeing...

Dear Husband, with Gratitude

Dear Husband, Thanks for cleaning the kitchen every night while we’re all asleep. I know you don’t get enough sleep as a result, but when I come downstairs in the morning and I can see...

Would You Please Just Eat??? Tips and Tricks for Feeding Toddlers

Right out of the gate, I should be clear: If things like table manners, class, and sophistication are priorities for you, we're not living in the same world at the moment. Don't get me...
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Embrace the Difficult

The other day my 30-year-old brother ate his 3-year-old’s preschool snacks. A week's worth of them. For breakfast. Neither the wife nor the child was thrilled. There were reports of tears. This was not...
Rejecting the Narrative of the Selfless Mother

Rejecting the Narrative of the Selfless Mother

When my youngest nephew was 2 years old, my sister-in-law had the opportunity to spend a month studying architecture in Japan. She was halfway through obtaining her graduate degree from the Rhode Island School of...
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We Are All Fighting Battles; We Are Each Other

It's 9:30 at night, and I’m back downstairs. I am not alone. The 2-year-old is on the couch with me, and we are both sobbing. Bedtime started two hours ago. The lights went out...
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No Longer Running on Empty

This post is sponsored. We believe this to be relevant and helpful to our readers and would not recommend a business otherwise. I am a runner. There is nothing that makes me feel more grounded,...

Just Another Birth Story

Neither of my birth stories is super interesting. I mean, the part where they handed a rope to my husband and had us play tug-of-war was sort of unique. Feet in stirrups, lady business hanging out...
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The Price of Sleep

My friend texted me tonight: "Thoughts on the Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper?" "I have one... they both 'slept' in it until about 5 months old." A few days ago, I answered her questions about the Rock 'n Play....

Be the Solution

I scroll through my Facebook feed, and I see so much blame: "If you say 'all lives matter' you are part of the problem." "To my police friend: 'You are part of the problem.'" "If you support...

It’s Motherhood

Sometimes I wonder why mothering feels so hard. So overwhelming. Why it feels like I'm drowning in... in I don't even know what. Just drowning. And then I remember. It's because it's just. so....