Tracy Skelly

Tracy was born and raised in Southern California. In 2009, she relocated to Massachusetts for a Master’s program and, for the first time, learned the real meaning of “cold”. With plans to move back home after earning her degree, she foolishly accepted an invitation to dinner from a handsome stranger. He swept her off her feet and she never made it back to California. Tracy and her husband live in Boston with their 20-month old daughter, Sophia. Tracy has spent the last ten years working in operations and business development. She’s an active member of her church community. Her work within the church is focused on local missions—food security, education, homelessness, family care services, and nutrition & health services (something Tracy is particularly passionate about). This year, Tracy started a small business. Her business, The Little Cocoa Bean Company, is a social enterprise focused on baby and toddler nutrition. When she’s not working or mom-ing, you can usually find Tracy in her garden. Loves: baby snuggles, plants, musicals, her husband’s laugh, Black art, island vacations, gospel music, big windows, and snow storms. Dislikes: weeds, scary movies, chunks in ice cream, laundry and Mondays.

The Kids Are in School, So These Immune-Boosting Foods Are on My Grocery List

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The Comparison Trap — and How I Avoid It

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Extra Diapers Get a Second Chance with Local Diaper Banks

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Please Eat the School Lunch

Food insecurity was a problem before the COVID-19 pandemic, but it’s even more of a problem now. Millions of families are without physical and/or economic access to sufficient food to meet their dietary needs....
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Why Martin Luther King’s Dream Is Still Just A Dream

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Staying in Touch from a Distance

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Winter Is Coming — Are You Ready?

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Breakfast Smoothies for the Win

Breakfast can be a stressful experience (particularly during the business week) in a house with children. It can feel like there's never enough time to just relax and enjoy. Either your picky eater has...
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Birthing While Black :: Why Too Many of Us Never Make It Home

There are some moments in life that make me hold my baby longer and tighter than usual. A news story about a tragedy. A commercial about a cause. You know those moments. That story...