Rachel Wilson

Rachel is a native of the West Coast and didn't know that her straight hair could frizz until she made the move East! After earning a Master of Environmental Management from Yale, she moved to Boston for a job opportunity and, on her first Saturday night in the city, met the man who would become her husband. They married in 2012 and are learning more every day about how to be parents to daughters Annabel (2013) and Eleanor (2016). Rachel and her family recently relocated from Charlestown to the Metrowest suburbs and are enjoying their yard, but dislike shoveling snow from their driveway. Rachel currently works as an energy and environmental consultant, and wore Birkenstocks before they were trendy. Likes: her family, her in-laws, cooking ambitious meals and leaving the dishes for someone else, hiking, running, yoga, climbing mountains, reading books, farmers' markets and her CSA, dark chocolate peanut butter cups, the sound of her daughters' laughter, and coffee Dislikes: running out of milk, New England winters, diaper rash, wastefulness, cell phones at the dinner table
COVID Thanksgiving - Boston Moms

COVID Thanksgiving :: Not the Holiday We Want, but Maybe the One We Need?

My husband and I have spent every Thanksgiving in the recent past with his family. We've packed up our one, then two, then three children and made the 3.5-hour drive out of state, along...
fanny pack for moms - Boston Moms

To Trend or Not to Trend? The Pros and Cons of the Fanny Pack...

If ever there was a trend that I didn't think would return, it's the fanny pack. I proudly rocked the look back in the late 1980s and early 1990s. We've got dozens of family...
bikini - Boston Moms

I Don’t Wear a Bikini — But Not for the Reason You Think!

It's summertime. Take a glance at the internet and you'll see all kinds of encouragement promoting body positivity, telling moms to show that they love their bodies by wearing bikinis. Yes, mama! Definitely love...
if my day had a soundtrack - Boston Moms

If My Day Had a Soundtrack…

Everyone loves a good musical, whether on the stage or screen, movie or television show. Emotions are often better expressed through songs, which helps us celebrate the moments of joy and get through the...
hobby social distancing - Boston Moms

Social Distancing Makes It the Perfect Time To…

A lot of us have thought this time of social distancing feels a lot like "Groundhog Day," where we're stuck repeating the same day every day. With all our activities canceled and my enthusiasm...
silver linings COVID-19 - Boston Moms

My COVID-19 Silver Linings

It's an understatement to say that these are trying times for parents. Our kids are out of school. Suddenly we're parents, teachers, cooks, cleaners, playmates, referees, disciplinarians, you name it! Every. Single. Day. Our...
non-candy easter treats - Boston Moms

Non-Candy Easter Treats!

Easter is coming! And we're on our own this year. My kids are little, and massive amounts of sugar make them go CRAZY! So I put together this roundup of non-candy Easter treats — your little ones are bound to enjoy them!
school closures - Boston Moms

8 Tips for Surviving Extended School Closures

Schools are closed. Activities are canceled. We're supposed to practice "social distancing." And our kids seem to have more energy than ever before! How are parents expected to maintain their mental health as we take measures to protect our physical health? There's certainly no perfect way to handle school closures, but here are eight tips that might help:
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8 Parenting Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

With three kids under 6, I find myself looking for parenting advice wherever I can get it. I have a lot of parenting books on my to-read list. But it's hard to get ahead...
Tinkergarten - Boston Moms Blog

Get Outside With Tinkergarten!

I've been seeing ads for Tinkergarten on Facebook and Instagram recently. The philosophy is intriguing — get kids outside to learn skills like empathy, collaboration, and problem solving. When I had the opportunity to try a class with my daughter in Arlington, I jumped at the chance.
Boston Halloween events - Boston Moms Blog

Boston Halloween Happenings for Families :: 2019

It's that time again! The smell of candy corn is in the air, and Halloween is near. Check out this roundup of Boston-area Halloween events to keep you busy this month!
fall activities for families - Boston Moms Blog

Seven Fall Activities for Families (That Are Not Apple Picking)

Everyone thinks of fall as apple picking season. And apple picking is great — don't get me wrong. But when my family goes apple picking, we fight the crowds, someone always winds up with a tummy ache, and we pick more apples than we can eat. It's a once-a-season trip for us. There are so many other awesome things for families to do in the fall! Here are my top seven fall activities for families in and near Boston.
end of summer - Boston Moms Blog

Good Riddance to Summer!

As a mother of three little ones who also works outside the home, I keep a lot of schedules in my brain. In summer, it feels like everyone is doing something new every week, and it's a challenge to keep track of it all. I have definitely had moments of panic when I forget where my oldest is and think that I've forgotten to pick her up on time. I'll be grateful to get back into the school routine and have it stay the same for the next nine months!
cool treats - Boston Moms Blog

Cool Treats for Hot Summers

No summer is complete without frozen treats. And lots of 'em! I don't expect to hear many arguments on that, so without further ado, here is a roundup of summer recipes for cool treats you can enjoy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!
pay it forward - Boston Moms Blog

My Turn to Pay It Forward

I don't know when I'll get the chance to buy someone's groceries, but I will if the opportunity presents itself. Until then, I made a donation to the Greater Boston Food Bank. I'll hold the door for someone with a stroller, the way others have held the door for me when I've had my stroller. And I'll look for other opportunities to pay it forward.