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I Can Do It! :: 10 Chores and Self-Help Skills Your Toddler Can Tackle

I've been working on getting my 2-year-old to be more independent and take ownership over certain tasks at home. I strongly believe toddlers are capable of doing so much (even at this young age), and teaching them these skills early will help their transition into school and set the foundation for being a responsible teenager/adult.
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Get Outside and Play :: Clothes and Accessories to Keep Your Little One Warm...

We all know Boston winters are no joke! It is essential for little ones to get out and play, and being stuck inside all winter is not an option. Here are some ideas for great winter gear to keep your kiddo toasty warm through this harsh season.
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Not All Toys Are Created Equal :: Gift Ideas to Promote Child Development

Play is vital for development in children, and great toys can help them learn and progress. Here are some awesome gift ideas children and parents will love!
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5 Awesome Parenting Books to Help with Different Stages of Childhood

When I became a mom, I felt all the feels — extreme happiness, complete exhaustion, and anxiety that I had no idea what I was doing! I hadn't spent much time around babies, so in addition to turning to family and friends, I sought out the experts — via parenting books — for some sage parenting advice. Not one of these books has had all the answers for my parenting conundrums, but I do like reading about different perspectives and ideas on child development. Here are the books that have helped me parent my son through different stages of his life so far.
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4 Reasons Gyms With Childcare Are a Parenting Necessity

I definitely need some 'me' time during the day — and working out while my son goes to the gym childcare has been my saving grace! Here is why joining a gym with childcare has been one of the best decisions I've made as a parent.
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My Toddler Fractured His Femur :: Summer in a Hip Spica Cast

After rushing to the ER I learned my son had fractured his femur and would need a hip spica cast. There's nothing worse than seeing your child suffer.
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5 Boston Day Trips Everyone in the Family Will Enjoy

One of my favorite things about living in New England is visiting all the amazing nearby places. Here are five of my favorite Boston day trips.
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4 Things I’ve Learned From Having a Speech Delayed Child

When my son Dylan wasn't saying any words (or even copying sounds) at 17 months, we decided it was time to get him evaluated for Early Intervention. Dylan scored significantly low on his expressive...
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Boston Babies Who Brunch :: 6 Restaurants You (and Your Kids!) Will Love

My husband Matt and I love dining out at fun restaurants. However, since our son, Dylan, was born last year, our eating-out abilities have been limited. Trying to bring a baby out to dinner...