Rachel Silverman


Journey to Parenthood | Giving Birth in a Foreign Country

Heather is a certified postpartum doula and mother of two boys, ages 7 and 11 months, and a girl, age 4. Her passion is to support families through the challenging transition of adding a...
sarah holding newborn

Journey to Parenthood | It Takes a Village

Sarah is delighted to be the mother of two-year-old Margalit Penina. By day she is the Senior Director, Operations, Planning and Analysis at Combined Jewish Philanthropies. When not working, she enjoys gardening with her daughter,...

Journey to Parenthood | Arriving Late to the Boston Moms Party

It's my pleasure to introduce you to Becca Shimshak. We too connected through Uprooted: A Jewish Response to Infertility where Becca serves as the Executive Director. She and her husband Steve live in Needham, MA, where...

What Would You Change?

Sitting with a group of adult students that I teach, I showed them a list of questions from the NY Times, guaranteed to make anyone fall in love. We weren’t aiming for love, but...

Journey to Parenthood | Coming Out

It's my pleasure to introduce you to Shira Duby. Shira and I connected through her work on the board of Uprooted; A Jewish Response to Infertility. In her professional life, Shira is an attorney...
Boston Moms Blog Journey to Parenting

Journey to Parenthood | A Call for YOUR Stories

First comes love, then comes marriage, then come the parents with the baby carriage. Or not. My journey to parenthood was, by most accounts, fairly typical, relatively easy, and nothing to write home about (although to...

A Very Special Blanket

The package was waiting for us when we returned home from a trip to Chicago. It was nearly 9pm on a Sunday night. The box was a little beaten up from its travels through the...

Engaging Our Kids at the Passover Seder

The past few years around this time, I have made it a point to reread the NYTimes article, The Stories That Bind Us. I'm guessing that Bruce Feiler didn't realize that he was writing...

Best Mom in America

Growing up, my family did everything they could to build my self-esteem. I had have a shoe-box full of purple "participation" ribbons from swim team and summer camp. My uncle instituted the "MVS" award...
How we talk to our girls

How We Talk To Our Girls

“She’s such a chunker” “She’s so tiny - I barely remember when my kids were that small” “She’s going to be a BIG girl” “She has SO MUCH hair!” In the span of an hour, I...
dog diving into snow

Surviving Winter in Boston with an Infant

Some day I’m going to look back at the first few months of Anna’s life and laugh with her. We’ll talk about how it was a record-breaking winter for Boston, how her dog Abby...