Rachel Rich

Rachel was born and raised in central Pennsylvania. She moved to the Boston area twice. The second time she stayed for good setting up residence in Scituate. For ten years, she taught middle schoolers the fascinating history of the ancient and medieval worlds. She has an MA in Special Education and is a certified Reading Specialist as well as licensed History and ESL teacher. Even though she loved teaching she finally let go of the working mom life after having baby number four. She and her husband currently have five young children ages 8, 5, 4, 2, & 8 months. She is a homeschooling mom and freelance content writer at @rachelrichcontentwriter and rachelrichcontentwriter.com.
South Shore - Boston Moms

My Top 7 Favorite Spots on the South Shore :: Parenting Style

I arrived on the South Shore almost 12 years ago with visions of starting a new life, creating a family, and settling down in Scituate. What amazes me is how those visions have become...
C-section VBAC - Boston Moms

To VBAC or Not to VBAC :: After 2 C-Sections

I so wanted to have a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) after my two C-sections. I had already had two successful vaginal childbirths. It wasn't out of the question. I tried to set the...
winter in New England - Boston Moms

Fun Indoor Activities to Finish Off Winter and Prepare for April Showers

Well, it’s STILL winter in New England and we're STILL living the COVID life. It's cold, and cabin fever is rearing its wild head in the form of wailing children, tears, and temper tantrums....
big family living - Boston Moms

Four Ways to Reduce the Stress and Mess of Big Family Living

It's been an entire year now living as a family of seven! With seven of us occupying a house and together soooooo much more than we planned, it has certainly been a chaotic mess. For...
New Year's resolutions - Boston Moms

A Nurturing Approach to 2021

Last year my New Year's resolutions went out the window by April. So instead of setting goals for 2021 that may not be possible due to the uncertain nature of life in general, I’m...
playroom - Boston Moms

I Ditched Our Playroom, and This Is What Happened

It had become too much of a burden for me. I couldn't stand it any longer. My children did not appreciate it, and it was ALWAYS a mess. There was more stuff in that...
bare feet - Boston Moms

I Work Out with Bare Feet and I Love It!

After the birth of my fifth baby at the young age of 40, I set an immediate goal to get back into shape, live a healthy lifestyle, and build strength and endurance. Keeping up...
breastfeeding - Boston Moms

I Tried to Breastfeed My Baby, But She Wouldn’t Nurse

I had heard about this — about the baby who wouldn't nurse. But I couldn’t make sense of it. After all, I had four babies who all latched immediately, and nursing was cake. Aside...
homeschooling - Boston Moms

Thinking About Homeschooling? Get Started with 4 Easy Steps

It happened quickly. Families all over the country were all of a sudden at home, schooling their children. COVID-19 really shook us and is still out there forcing us to reconsider how we live...
boredom - Boston Moms

Invite Boredom Into Your Child’s Summer

This summer is looking a little bit different. This is the summer of COVID and social distancing. If your family is still laying low, you might be wondering how you'll make it through a...
hope - Boston Moms

I’m at a Loss… But I Have Hope :: A Response to Quarantine and...

I had a baby on January 27. It was my fifth baby in seven years. It jarred my world so quickly, presenting my family with its biggest adjustment up to that point. But today,...
pregnant mom with lots of kids - Boston Moms

7 Ways to Support the Pregnant Mom With Lots of Kids

We are out there among you. We are just like you, trying the best we can to be the best we can for our kids. The only difference is that we have lots (four...
pregnancies - Boston Moms

A Comparison of My First and Fifth Pregnancies

We have spent the last eight years building our family. It’s been a lot of pregnancies, nursing, sleepless nights, and joyful chaos. This pregnancy is likely to be our last, and as I reflect during the last five weeks of it I can’t help but see some big differences between the first and last! 
Elf on the Shelf snow globes - Boston Moms

No Elf Here — We Have Snow Globes Instead

My oldest was just 3 months old his first Christmas. I thought it might be a great time to practice elfing, so my husband and I purchased an Elf on the Shelf, gave him a name, and started the very short-lived tradition. It didn’t take long for us to realize this was not going to work out.
Staying Calm and Present Over the Holiday Season - Boston Moms

Staying Calm and Present This Holiday Season

If the holiday season doesn't go the way you envision, there's always next year. Let’s not forget that the season is about the joy and the meaning of our holidays, not the junk, or the events, or all the things. You do the holidays your way, I’ll do them mine, and everyone else can go about it their way. Let’s go into this holiday season happy and excited with sound mind and presence so we can enjoy our children, our faiths, and our families — and a little of all the extras.