Family Hikes and Nature Walks Around Boston

Before becoming a parent, I thought I understood cabin fever. And, sure, after a few days inside I might get antsy, but I still relished slow days curled up with coffee and binge watching...
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Mount Washmore No More :: My New and Improved Laundry Method

You know the phrase "Mount Washmore," right? The first time I heard it, I cackled. You see, long before I was a mom, laundry was my nemesis. Washing? Sure. Folding? Eventually. Putting away clothes...
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Sick Day Resets :: 4 Tips to Save Your Sanity

Welp. We've had a month. The stomach bug hit our house twice. And while it was mild and only affected two family members, we were all on lockdown in our house. Then we picked...

Lego Inspiration to Get Through Winter

I'll admit it: Winter isn't my favorite season. I'm not a born-and-bred New Englander, and each winter seems to bring new challenges. The first few winters with children weren't that bad — my son...
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Get the Photos Off Your Phone!

I have fond memories of flipping through photos as a child, and I want my children to have the same experience. Here's how to get the photos off your phone.

Moving to Greater Boston :: Somerville

Maybe you’ve been in Boston for years, but you’re now having kids and looking to relocate. Maybe you’re planning a move to the Boston area from another city in the U.S. or abroad, and...
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Tips for Surviving Holiday Road Trips

My husband is a pretty simple man. Every year for Christmas he asks for one thing — to not travel over the holidays. Well, here's my bad wife confession: He has never gotten his...
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Birth Control :: Why I Choose Natural Family Planning

Can we be honest for a moment? I'm completely nervous writing on the internet about the birth control method my husband and I use. It's such a personal topic — personal both in that...
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Kid-Friendly Herbal Tea Blends

As the cool air sweeps in with the fall, I switch from iced coffee to hot (maybe making me not a true Bostonian?) and I start sipping hot tea all day instead of just...

Protein-Packed Breakfasts

A short list of things my son has done when overtaken by hunger: Tried to ride his bike into a parking lot to escape me Scream that he's starving while simultaneously screaming he absolutely,...
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DIY Mom Retreat

September means fresh starts, new routines, and back to school (even though I don't have school-aged children yet). I love summer and the lazy, relaxed days filled with too much sunshine, too much ice...
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Unexpected Boston-Area Library Perks

I'm a public library super fan — there's no denying it. As I've written before, one of the things I prioritize as a mother is reading to my children, but also reading for my personal...

Self-Care or Self-Comfort?

As someone who spends most of every day parenting solo (including dinner and bedtime five nights a week), I felt drained after the birth of our second son. Suddenly, I had no time to...

Best Podcasts for Kids

Finally! It's summer! Here's to long days at the playground, ice cream treats just because, and the great family road trip exploring New England. We try to limit our screen usage, and while I...
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Mom Brain — It’s So Real

My husband and I were driving home from brunch with friends on a gorgeous, sunny day while two children wailed in the backseat. The house, the final destination, was in view. And then, in the rearview...