Lesley Moreau

Lesley grew up in New Bedford, MA, moved to Boston for college and has stayed here ever since. She holds a Masters degree in Criminal Justice and an MFA in Creative Writing. Lesley is a playwright, several of her ten minute plays have been produced throughout New England and two are published in the anthology, More 10-Minute Plays for Teens. Lesley lives in Dorchester with her family. She is mom to a happy and babbling 5 month old son. Likes: Netflix binges, wine, story time with her baby, makeup, and Ryan Gosling. Dislikes: mushrooms, traffic, and getting called ma'am.

Confessions of a NICU Mom

I never anticipated it. I had a relatively easy-going, healthy pregnancy. Some nausea in the beginning, but I wasn’t violently throwing up. I had fatigue in the first trimester and the third,...
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Books I’m Taking a Break From

I’m a pretty voracious reader. Ever since I was a child, I have always had a deep love of books. Fiction, mysteries and thrillers, biographies, science fiction, non-fiction, even silly chick-lit —...
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I Know What I Did Last Summer

I know what I did last summer… and it won’t be like this summer. I’ll try, but I know it won’t be the same. Last summer we went to the beach, pool parties,...
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Dear Daycare Provider, I Miss You Most of All

I get my son up every morning. There’s always a bit of disappointment that it’s me waking him up these days and not Daddy, as he is a daddy’s boy. We have...
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Baby Registry “Must Haves” I Passed On

Putting together a baby registry for friends and family to know your "must haves" is overwhelming, to say the least. You’re preparing to be a first-time mom, but you have no clue what you’ll actually need or what you’re doing. Here are a few “must have” items we skipped out on.
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3 Is a Magic Number :: Triangle Families and the One-and-Done Life

As soon as you become a parent, people come out of the woodwork with their opinions, as if they are the ultimate gurus on raising children. Unsolicited advice is part of the parenting territory. But...
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During a Pandemic, Can We Maybe Not Mom Shame? Thanks

Recently, my son and I were out on a neighborhood walk when a car stopped slightly past us. Its driver rolled down the window and yelled out, “Go home!” I was so taken aback —...
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From Hallmark Channel Hater to Holiday Mom

My son is only 15 months old, so he still doesn’t quite understand what’s going on. But I can tell that each year he’ll be more and more excited about Christmas, and that, in turn, makes me feel excited. I feel as sappy as the protagonist from a Hallmark Channel movie now — and I’m totally OK with that.
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Light It Purple for Prematurity Awareness Month

November is National Prematurity Awareness Month. Approximately 15 million babies are born prematurely each year. This means roughly one in ten babies will be born preterm worldwide. More than one million of these babies do...
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Resources for NICU Families

The NICU is a scary place for any parent. But there are many resources that can offer some peace of mind along the way. No one should have to go it alone.
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Halloween Costume Shopping Ideas for Babies and Toddlers

Halloween is a fun holiday, and luckily, when kids are small they won’t insist on a very specific and overpriced character. So go nuts with your imagination, not your wallet. Remember, you won’t have many years where you have this much control and can get away with swiping their candy!
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The Cliches Are True — It Really Does Go by Fast

The days are long and exhausting with daycare drop-offs, working eight-hour days, coming home, getting dinner on the table, and prepping to do it all over again for the next one. But they also blend together in a way that makes you question what month it is, like you're Rip Van Winkle, sleepwalking through this chaotic, non-stop world. And so, while some days may drag on, overall months sometimes feel like only seconds have passed. And even though some days are long — and sometimes difficult — I try to soak it all in. Because before I know it, my infant will be a toddler. So I am going to enjoy the baby months for as long as I can. Because those cliches are exactly right.
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Best Boston Day Trips With a Baby

Now that we're heading into fall, all we want to do is soak up the nice weather. As a Boston mom, there’s so much to do in the city! But when you have an 8-month-old who doesn’t do a whole lot yet, where do you go? Here are some of our favorite Boston day trips for mom and baby.
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So Little Time, So Many Food Delivery Options

I have to admit, when it comes to certain things, I am more than willing to take the lazy way out. Working full time on top of being a parent and a playwright allows me access to the easy button every once in awhile. And when it comes to food delivery, I may as well be a sloth, but I’ve learned to be OK with that. Luckily, there are plenty of options to fill my pantry for the long haul or my stomach on a hangry quick fix.
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Breaking a Leg Again :: One Mom’s Return to Community Theater

I wondered if I was ready to jump back into it. Would my training and skills have diminished, or is it like riding a bike? Would my sleep-deprived mommy brain be able to remember all my lines and blocking on top of the zillion other things I juggle in my everyday life? Without knowing the answers, I said yes.