Kristen Douthit

Kristen Douthit
busy - Boston Moms

“You’re So Busy!”

About a decade after I graduated from college, I sat down with an old mentor of mine for coffee. In reminiscing about the "good old days," and how much I'd changed since then, he...
2020 - Boston Moms

Breaking Up With 2020 (And a Few Things I Want to Remember)

I don't know about you, but I'm ready to see 2020 in the rearview mirror. Bye Felicia. It's been real, but we're so done. Like a bad breakup, I'm ready for a clean break...
middle child - Boston Moms

A Love Letter to My Middle Child

We're walking down the street together, just me and you. My middle child. Even though you're now a "big, grown-up 6-year-old," you slip your hand into mine and skip along beside me. "I really...
Google - Boston Moms

Maybe I Should Google That

Welcome to the rabbit hole. Wherein I disclose my Google search history and answer every question you didn't realize you had — in a non-sequitur manner, of course. It started with an innocent yet semi-embarrassing...
fall 2020 - school - Boston Moms

I’m Choosing to Be Excited About Fall 2020, and Here’s Why

I don't know about you, but every conversation I've had lately has been about the big question: What is going to happen with kids and schools in the fall?! No one has good answers,...
husband - Boston Moms

Dearest Husband, Some Days I Kind of Resent You

Dearest, beloved husband of mine, Spending all this time together during COVID has been teaching me a few things about you and me and our relationship. And so I thought, why not share that with...
period underwear - Boston Moms

Let’s Talk About Periods…

Let's talk periods for just a minute... If you don't have one or don't want to read, feel free to scroll on by. I know it's a bit of a taboo subject, but maybe you,...

Homeschooling Is Bringing Out the Worst Parts of Me

Homeschooling my kids during COVID-19 has been a bit like living with the worst version of myself constantly and inescapably. When my husband and I first started dating, I told him two things: One, I...
parenting wall - Boston Moms

5 Strategies for When You Hit a Parenting Wall

A few months ago, out of the blue, my son hit a rough patch. He became impossible in the morning before school. Rather than talking, he would only meow, squeak, or scream in response...
kindness not fear - toilet paper - Boston Moms

It Is Better to Be Defined by Our Kindness than Our Fear

We are better than this, my friends. Fellow moms, we are used to loving selflessly, giving when we don’t think we have anything left, and caring even when we don’t want to. Now is the time for us to lead. Not (just) by how well prepared we are or how well we protect our own families (although both are important), but by how we love our neighbors.
setting goals during coronavirus quarantine - Boston Moms

Setting Goals with Kids During the Coronavirus Quarantine

Be flexible. As we are learning from the current ever-changing news cycle, things change rapidly. Make a schedule — and set goals, because kids need to know what to expect — but be willing to hold it loosely, and adapt to what your kids are communicating. If they're having a blast building Legos, don't move things along to get to "requirements." Don't be so hell-bent on a particular goal that you miss the bigger lesson your kids are learning about kindness and care for others.
coronavirus - Boston Moms

Coronavirus :: Prepared, but Not Fearful

I texted my husband today, feeling kind of ridiculous: "I've gotta do it... I'm running to Costco for toilet paper and boxed macaroni. You know — coronavirus." He laughed at me, but I consoled myself with...
morning coffee - Boston Moms

All (Before) a Day’s Work

6:30 a.m. Alarm goes off! Oh my gosh, why are my children so bouncy so early in the morning? And how are their toes so freakishly cold? I wonder if they have my poor circulation?...
adventure with kids - Boston Moms

Seeking Adventure This New Year :: 3 Promises to My Children

As I think about parenting, I want adventure to be part of that as well. My favorite memories with my kids are the ones where we are throwing caution to the wind and doing something wild, out of the ordinary, or totally unplugged. In order to make adventure happen more often, these are the promises I'm making to my kids this year:
power pose - Boston Moms

Power Poses for Moms

This got me thinking — I wonder if there's a power pose equivalent for moms? Sure, we're good at talking ourselves up to other moms. We're good at pretending we have everything together and know all the answers. But have an honest conversation with almost any mama, and she'll readily confess that it's mostly smoke and mirrors.