Kim Raubenheimer

Kim Raubenheimer grew up in Franklin, Massachusetts and lives in Belmont with her husband and two busy teen boys. Kim has been passionate about Health & Wellness since she was in her early 20's. Now in her mid-50's, Kim has an abundance of knowledge from her personal journey and numerous certifications which she’s eager to share (especially with Moms!).  Kim started Your Health Sense in 2001, a Nutrition and Fitness Coaching business, while working full-time as a Print Producer and raising two boys.  Kim understands the challenges of maintaining self-care and now juggles her Nutrition and Fitness business while being a Mom and working part-time for her husband's Managed Services IT company as the Hiring and Compliance manager.
sugar - Boston Moms

Sugar, I Think We Need to Break Up

Sleepless nights, stress, cravings, sugar. Rinse, repeat. Give me chocolate, carbs, something sweet! Sugar, I think we need to break up for a while. Maybe it is time for a sugar detox. After all, excess added...
posture - Boston Moms

How Do You Show Up?

How do you show up? I'm talking about your posture. Take a look. Stand in front of the mirror. What do you see?   I remember seeing my reflection in a window when my youngest was an infant....
diastasis recti - Boston Moms

Why Do I Look Pregnant When I’m Not? A Primer on Diastasis Recti

Why do I look like I am four months pregnant when I gave birth over a year ago? Why does it look like a football is coming out of my belly when I do crunches? Is...