Kim Raubenheimer

Kim Raubenheimer grew up in Franklin, Massachusetts and lives in Belmont with her husband and two busy teen boys. Kim has been passionate about Health & Wellness since she was in her early 20's. Now in her mid-50's, Kim has an abundance of knowledge from her personal journey and numerous certifications which she’s eager to share (especially with Moms!).  Kim started Your Health Sense in 2001, a Nutrition and Fitness Coaching business, while working full-time as a Print Producer and raising two boys.  Kim understands the challenges of maintaining self-care and now juggles her Nutrition and Fitness business while being a Mom and working part-time for her husband's Managed Services IT company as the Hiring and Compliance manager.

Tinkle Tinkle Little Toddler (or Teenager) :: Tips for Teaching Toilet Etiquette

No more diapers! When we got through the diapers phase with my two sons (hurray!), we experienced an occasional "Can't I go to the bathroom anywhere?" phase. My kids were outside constantly as toddlers...

I Did Not Know My Breasts Could Do That! (12 Quick Tips to Boost...

"Holy moly, those are bigger than your baby's head!" my sister exclaimed while looking at my ginormous breasts as I held my first newborn boy. My husband was happily shocked at their size —...

Monkey See, Monkey Hear, Monkey Do

While having a conversation with my youngest son, I recognized a facial expression I know well. Oh my, I do that.  I remember watching our boys play in their first soccer games when they were...
mom's day off - Boston Moms

Dreams of a Mom’s Day Off (and Making It Happen)

  Is there an official Mom's Day Off? I thought I read that somewhere. I could be dreaming. I love being a mother — truly. But sometimes you just need a day off — or...

The Terrible Teens (or Twos, or Threes)

Sitting on the floor near the oranges and apples in the market, my then 3-year-old screamed, "I hate shopping! I want to go home and play with my trucks!" "He's fine," I reassured my fellow...
sugar - Boston Moms

Sugar, I Think We Need to Break Up

Sleepless nights, stress, cravings, sugar. Rinse, repeat. Give me chocolate, carbs, something sweet! Sugar, I think we need to break up for a while. Maybe it is time for a sugar detox. After all, excess added...
posture - Boston Moms

How Do You Show Up?

How do you show up? I'm talking about your posture. Take a look. Stand in front of the mirror. What do you see?   I remember seeing my reflection in a window when my youngest was an infant....
diastasis recti - Boston Moms

Why Do I Look Pregnant When I’m Not? A Primer on Diastasis Recti

Why do I look like I am four months pregnant when I gave birth over a year ago? Why does it look like a football is coming out of my belly when I do crunches? Is...