Katie McKiernan

Katie McKiernan
Katie grew up on the South Shore before spending four years apiece in Indiana and Louisiana. She returned to the Boston area in 2012. She and her husband have two red-headed children: a son (2016) and a daughter (2018). Katie spends her days teaching middle school math and French and her evenings trying to get dinner on the table. She recently traded in her beloved Corolla for a minivan. Yes, please: camping, palindromes, and drinking coffee on the back porch. No, thanks: science fiction, pickles, and disorganized drawers.
Black History Month - Martin Luther King Jr - Boston Moms

Honoring Black History Month as a White Mom

I reached adulthood without learning the skills to productively discuss race. I find it a source of embarrassment. Now, more than a decade into my adult life, I am still deep in the process...
glider chair - Boston Moms

The View From My Glider

  The view from the glider in my daughter’s bedroom shows a map of the world. Though I bought the map to inspire a sense of adventure for her, it has become meaningful to me...

Christmas Gift Ideas for a (Moderately) Minimalist Mom

Be specific! “I’d like to take your kid(s) for the morning one Saturday in January” is a lot more helpful and less stressful than “I’ll take the kids sometime.” Depending on how well you know the mom and the kids, see if she’ll let you take them out of the house (to the library or the playground — it doesn’t have to be fancy!). A morning alone in my house to do whatever I please? Wow. Now that sounds like luxury.
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Early to Rise: A Window into My Life at 5:40 A.M.

I cherish my early mornings. Those minutes before the kids' wake-up clock turns green are all mine. They help me stay sane. Here’s a window into my "early to rise" mornings — or a week's worth of them, anyway — and what you can find me doing at 5:40 a.m. as I try to hold all the pieces together. This is not a tale of heroism. In fact, it might be a tale of foolishness. Though I bristle when I hear myself use the word "busy" to describe my life, here I am... busy. 
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Four Great Stroller Runs South of Boston

Before my babies were born, I was a slow but enthusiastic distance runner. It was easy to schedule an hour or more to head out alone for a long run. Bumpy sidewalks? Roots on a trail run? No problem — I just hopped right over. Now, time by myself is more difficult to come by. And with a stroller to push, evenly paved surfaces make everyone a lot happier. Here are four places I have found joy running with my little ones.