Kat Cornetta

Kat grew up as a sports fan in Rochester, NY. She moved to Boston to earn a graduate degree in education. While working towards her Master’s and establishing her higher education administration career, she blogged about her love of sports. Somehow that blogging turned into a part-time writing career, including a six year stint writing for the Boston Herald's sports department. After having a son in 2016, Kat is attempting to balance a full-time job in education with her writing dream and motherhood. She loves coffee, cats and 1990s NFL quarterbacks. She dislikes chewing gum, high shelves and baby pajamas that snap instead of zipper. You can read her work at sportsgirlkat.com
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No One Told Me Parenthood Would Come With Eye Injuries

Parenthood grants you a lot of gifts. Hugs. Little voices saying, “I love you, Mommy.” Gobs of handprint crafts. And eye injuries. I write this post with one eye covered with an eye patch, looking like...
Thomas the Tank Engine at Thomas Land at Edaville Theme Park in Massachusetts

So Your Child Is Obsessed With Thomas and Friends

If you are new to these toys and this world of Thomas and Friends, here are some tips my obsessive-research side has compiled over the course of my son's total Thomas fandom.
Gillette Stadium during a New England Patriots Game - NFL Game - Boston Moms Blog

Four Tips for Taking Your Kids to a Patriots Game (or Any NFL Game)

Taking a kid, no matter how football obsessed, to an NFL game, is an investment. Given the cost of tickets, the distance to most stadiums, and the sheer size of the event, you can’t wing it. I didn’t attend my first NFL game until my 17th birthday. Good news: Your children don’t have to wait as long as I did. Here are some tips for anyone hoping to bring their kids to a New England Patriots or any other NFL game.
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Why I Can’t Become a #CricutMom

Still, I would love to join the ranks of the #CricutMoms, if only to bring back those feelings of making puff paint T-shirts. But the thought of buying a $250 machine that I might use once or twice and then never use again has brought that dream to a halt. Until I can convince myself that I will use one enough to not let it gather dust, I'll support moms who run side hustles with their Cricut when I need a custom onesie or coffee mug. It is mildly disappointing to not to be among their ranks, but I'll just tell myself I'm lifting other women up while not adding to my list of failed crafts. It's a win-win.
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How Boston’s Commute Problems Are Impacting Moms

Even with that resolve, there’s a breaking point you reach every few weeks when your train is late again, and you know you won’t get home now until after 7 p.m. again, and your youngest — and probably last baby — has reached some milestone that daycare got to see first again, and you either get angry or start crying or both. It’s rough.
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Everything I Learned in Life I Learned at a Dance Recital

Years of that type of preparation taught me well. I’m that person who always has a bobby pin, safety pin, Shout wipe, lipstick, and seven pens in her bag. At work, I stash an extra pair of pantyhose in my office. And I always have a backup for any piece of equipment I have to set up that day. It all stems from those dance recital days, where you might not touch that extra, but it felt good to know it was there if you needed it.
early to rise, coffee - Boston Moms

Sorry, Budgeters, This Mom Needs Her Coffee

"I kept reading every piece of financial advice I could find, looking for something else we could cut. One item kept popping up — coffee. 'Cut your daily cup of coffee!' 'Make your own!' 'Use your office’s coffee machine!' implored bloggers galore. That’s going to be a big, huge no from me."
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4 Things to Do in Boston When Winter Just Won’t End

At this point in the Boston winter, it feels like the season will never, ever end. Tons of area museums, libraries, and organizations break out their best activities for February break, but what are you supposed to do in the wintertime that remains after break? It’s still cold, it’s still doing who knows what precipitation-wise, and you might get even more bored than you were before. Don’t fret — here are four ideas of things to do in the Boston area that will break up the late winter boredom beyond February break.
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Pump It Up :: Tips and Tricks for Exclusively Pumping

When I made the decision to exclusively pump with my first son, I struggled to find information, tips, and tricks. I did a lot of things wrong. My second time around, I not only had my own struggles to build upon, but a growing number of resources online and more lactation consultants informed about its best practices. Here's what I have learned from two exclusive-pumping journeys.
clean up - Boston Moms Blog

How to Clean Up After a Busy Toddler When You Rent

Instead of putting away his crayons, he had a navy blue crayon in his hand and was drawing on the wall. So what happens when the messes of toddlerhood meet the realities of renting?
Control Planner - Boston Moms Blog

Control What You Can Control :: How a Wacky Mom Became Organized

While flying by the seat of my pants was my default for dealing with motherhood, I had a sneaking suspicion it wasn’t going to fit this particular challenge. Then the following phrase came to mind: Control what you can control. I have no idea where and when I heard it, but it started to make perfect sense.
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The Short Gal’s Maternity Wear Lament (Plus 3 Tips for the Petite and Pregnant!)

The most challenging part for vertically challenged me has been finding maternity clothes. If you're short, you're truly swimming in anything you try on.
riding the T - Boston Moms Blog

The Joys of Riding the T While Pregnant

During a decade of train, subway, and bus commutes, I saw enough to know that riding the T while pregnant might not be the best of experiences.
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6 Must-Have Mother’s Day Gifts for the Sports Mom

Just like our kids need cleats, shorts, and helmets, sports moms need their own equipment — things that make waiting through a practice or sitting through a day-long tournament downright comfy. My own son might not...
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No Alcohol? No Problem! Six Mocktail Options in Boston

Three days after finding out I was pregnant with my son, I found myself in a quandary. I had arranged a Back Bay bar crawl for my husband’s birthday. How would I handle this...