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The February (Photo) Cull :: A Photographer’s Tips for Organizing Your Photos

If January is the month to clean out your junk drawers and sock bins, then February is the month to clean up and organize your photos. I don’t mean diving into that shoebox...
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How to Raise a Foodie

My family tells stories about me eating only butter packets while out to dinner. My mom would have to beg me to take just a few bites of food. I remember eating scrambled eggs, cereal (Frosted Flakes and Cinnamon Toast Crunch), and carrots. I’m pretty sure I survived on chicken patties and pizza during my teen years. In fact, I didn’t become a foodie until my 30s.
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Documenting Your Family’s Holiday Story Through Photos

Ah, Christmas. The lights! The presents! The snow! The cookies! The list of ways to celebrate is endless. When my daughter was first born I was so busy planning and executing that I would forget to pick up my camera until Christmas morning. In more recent years I've gotten a bit wiser, and I've started taking pictures much earlier. In fact, I pick up my camera in mid-November and don't put it down until January.