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Mom Tired Is a Different Kind of Tired

A few weeks ago, my 2.5-year-old slept for 13 hours. Two nights in a row. Both nights I slept for nine of those hours and woke on the second day a) delusionally thinking this was our...
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Top Tips for Dads-To-Be (From a Mom Who’s Been There)

Hey all you dads-to-be. How's the pregnancy going? J/K, that was a trick question, because you're not pregnant. If you were about to mention mood swings or designated drivers, though, this post is just...
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Greater Boston Breweries to Take Your Kids to (and a Few to Visit Alone)

I don't really like beer. When ordering one I generally seek out the beer that tastes the least beery. I hate everything about hops (the smell, the taste, the way the ugly plant takes...

So You’ve Decided to Sleep Train…

So you've decided to sleep train. Well done! You made a decision! Hooray for you.  I'm guessing you've spent about all of your mental energy on this — you've read all about cortisol and how...
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A Letter to My Baby Carrier :: My One Essential Item

I think it's almost time for me to pack you all away — my Ergo, my Baby Bjorn, my sling. He's 2 now, and while not yet too heavy, he resists containment. His days of...
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What to Read When You’re Expecting (and What Not to Bother With)

Reading is my thing. More than writing is my thing, really, because I can always read and it always makes me feel more whole and centered; whereas writing can often make me feel fidgety and...
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February Is Not My Friend :: Fighting Off the SAD This Winter

February and I are not friends. We're barely on speaking terms. My whole life, February has been the month where I run out of steam and sink down into myself. In February I feel grey...
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Enough with Rewarding Parents for Well-Behaved Children

Yesterday my 2-year-old and I met a friend for lunch at a diner. He smiled at the waitress when she took our order and played with some toys while we waited for our food....
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Hope for the Weary :: Out of the Parenting Weeds for One Blessed Minute

Most of my parenting life is spent in the weeds. You know them, I'm sure. Probably you're in them right now. They wrap around you, weaving fatigue and loneliness with joy and delight, boredom...
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We Need to Get Back to Basics With Self-Care

My son sits in his stroller, ensconced in the Polar Bundleme (which I registered for in terror of taking my February baby outside). He’s also wearing his winter jacket, mittens, a hood, and a hat....

DOs and DON’Ts of Nursing ‘Fashion’

Starting with maternity clothes, new motherhood is a slow decline into a netherworld of "fashion." Cool and tailored is out, washable and comfy is in. And breastfeeding just adds to the uncool criterion. Sure, some...

Maybe the ‘Cherish the Moment’ People Have a Point — Sometimes

My son had the snottiest of colds, and most of it was snail-trailing over my sweater, which, at some point that morning, I’d given up trying to keep clean and resigned myself to being a...

Walking with My Toddler :: Finding Comfort and Healing after this Election

This election season has left me depleted. It's been ugly, and the aching divisions in this country — a country I'm still learning to call my own — are painful and sad. I counted down...

I Am a Lazy Mom (and It’s Hard Work)

Have you ever noticed that lazy people are the most tired? I should know, because I am one (a lazy, tired person). But I have a theory. Lazy people are actually not lazy at...

Parenting Bravely Despite the Fear

In the weeks and months following my son's birth, I spent a lot of time just staring at him. He would nap, and I would stare, marveling at the length of his eyelashes and...