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Moving to Greater Boston :: East Arlington

Maybe you’ve been in Boston for years, but you’re now having kids and looking to relocate. Maybe you’re planning a move to the Boston area from another city in the U.S. or abroad, and...
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6 Full-Body Playground Workouts

I don't know about all you mamas, but my weekends often feel more harried and stressful than my weekdays, despite working a pretty demanding, more-than-full-time job. Laundry, cleaning, play dates, practices, and taking care...
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“Mom Has Trouble With Food” :: Mothering With an Eating Disorder

It's never really gone. A few days ago, as I was hurrying to a meeting, a man stepped in front of me to ask for change. Out of time, I smiled and nodded at...

Could Itchy Palms Mean Early Delivery? How I Dealt with Cholestasis of Pregnancy

There are a ridiculous amount of weird things that happen to a body during a pregnancy. A gal should receive a certificate or something after going through nine months of gestation with the litany...
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Boston-Based Dance Classes for Grown-Ups

Finding myself in dance, again I've been dancing since I could walk. It's a huge part of who I am. When I lived in Switzerland a few years ago, I danced with a contemporary company...
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Skating Classes for Kids at FMC Ice Sports

My husband and I grew up in Texas, and both of us experienced snow for the first time well after puberty. Needless to say, we didn't grow up with sledding and snowball fights. So when...
primary colors birthday party

Girl Birthday Party Themes That Wow Without Pink

Your girl is so much more than pink. I think I'm in the same camp as most girl moms when I do a fist pump every time a new "girl power" brand comes to life. From...

6 Easy, Impressive “Mommy and Me” Halloween Costumes

Halloween has been my favorite holiday since I was a little girl. It's a holiday that combines dress-up, creativity, candy, crafts, and a little mischief — it was meant for me. As a mom of...

Put Boudoir Photos on Your Bucket List

Yesterday I got (almost) naked in front of a camera — sorry, Dad. It's something I never thought I'd do, but I'm so happy I did. And I'm not even a little bit ashamed. Here's the thing:...

Responding to “You Look Just Alike!”

Whenever I go out with my mom, people comment on how alike we look — they always have. And that's great, because I think my mom is a total fox. But sometimes, she doesn't...

10 Parent-Pleasing Kickstarters You’ll Want to Back Right Now

Boston is regularly ranked at the very top of the list of most innovative cities in America. Go us! To celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation in our city, here are 10 awesome Kickstarter...

My Kids Aren’t My Whole World

We all love our kids. Children bring us extremes of emotion — joys and sorrows — like we've never known before. Our hearts swell, and we become completely enrapt with these little gifts. I'm the...

Dare Your Kids to Fail

No parent likes to see her kid fail. I consider myself a calculated risk taker. And yet, when I became a mom, the worrier blossomed in me. When my son was born, I felt like my heart sprouted two legs...
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Going Brazilian :: What It’s Really Like

This month, I decided to try waxing down there for the first time ever at Waxing the City. As I was booking beach travel for the summer and starting to shop for bikinis, I remembered...
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Effortless 5-Minute Playdate Makeup

Ahhhh, the weekend. Time to relax and have a nice time with the family, right? Get a good night's rest, let the kids frolic in the park while you sit on a blanket with...