Deborah Anderson

A New Hampshire native, Debbie loves taking advantage of all the state has to offer by being outside on the seacoast or up in the White Mountains with her active husband, energetic toddler son and her new baby. Having lived in Europe, California, and New England, she enjoys the unique perspective each place has brought to her life and tries to incorporate different cultural elements of each into her current daily lifestyle. Passionate about all things French, she is currently teaching her children French at home in the hopes of raising them to be bilingual. She recently traded in her job as a French Teacher to put her keen eye for interior design and renovation to work. Debbie is interested in natural remedies and does her best to keep herself and her family healthy with interesting meals, herbal remedies and a minimalist lifestyle. Believing in the phrase "everything in moderation" Debbie looks forward to the future adventures life will bring her way. You can find her blog and latest property renovation pictures online at
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5 Self-Care Tips for the Too Stressed

Sometimes, as a busy parent of young children — especially surviving 24/7 parenting during a pandemic — I can't help but roll my eyes at all the self-care tips promoted on the internet. When...

4 Quick Tips for Safe Swimming This Summer

As a former water safety instructor and lifeguard — and likely more importantly the daughter of parents who experienced a toddler drowning — I take water safety extremely seriously. The many parents who have, unfortunately,...
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How to Build a Fairy Garden

Gardening has become one of my favorite activities (surprisingly enough to me!). Maybe it's being outside and feeling the earth after a long New England winter. But I also think it's, in part, because...

Why I Won’t Give My Kids Easter Baskets

  I won't be giving my kids gifts at Easter. It's not that I'm a Grinch or won't celebrate at all, but it's all becoming too much to keep track of as a parent. Since when...
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Healing Perfectionism in Parenting

2020 was a big year for personal growth for me, primarily because COVID forced it. It was a year in which boundaries became necessary — for both comfort levels and safety precautions. It was...
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5 Instagram Accounts That Make Me a Better Parent

Parenting is hard. It is equal parts exciting and exhausting. Every phase brings a new learning curve, and we aren't always equipped with the right tools. As we have spent more time with our children —...
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Sending Snail Mail :: A Simple Way To Connect

In today's world of technology, texts, and social distancing, sending mail is an easy and genuine way to stay connected. There's something special about spending time considering a friend and sending them a card...
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The Middle Pillow :: How I Came to Terms with Co-Sleeping

Almost every night I am awakened by one (or both!) of my children coming into my bed. I used to dream of a full night's sleep, jealous of the wunderkind babies sleeping through the...
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6 Easy Ideas for Better Sleep

I know I'm not alone when it comes to having trouble sleeping. I have friends and family members who report difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep through the night. Others seem to wake up...
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Why I Encapsulated My Placenta

When I had my first baby, I lived on the opposite side of the country from my family. What had once felt like an awesome adventure on the West Coast became an insane initiation...
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Grounding Myself With Gardening

In this season of uncertainty, I've been digging for roots. Looking for ways to ground myself without the normal rhythm of our busy lives, strengthen myself as a mother in an unsettled world, and...
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I Lied to My Kid About COVID-19

It started out more as on omission of the truth. Because my children are young, ages 4 and 1, and I’m blessed to be at home with them full time, it didn’t seem necessary to...
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The Toy That Broke The Camel’s Back :: Tips for Toy Rotation

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the number of toys in your home? Or that no matter how many new and fun toys you get, your children seem to tire of them quickly and...
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We’re All Homeschooling Now (and That Isn’t a Bad Thing)

If teaching your child certain lessons isn't coming easily to you, try your best, but mostly focus on making memories with your children. Go for walks, play outside, complete house projects together, sort through their clothing, play board games (and really teach them the rules). There is more to learn in life than simply academics, and we can all use this time to learn and grow together as families.
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You Might Be A Good Mom If…

Some days I wake up ready to dominate the day: Healthy homemade food prepped for my littles? Check! Limited screen time and lots of books instead? Check! Crafts and playing with my children? Check!...