Deanna Greenstein

Deanna Greenstein
Deanna is a mom of five (yes, five) children, who lives in Brockton with her small circus of kids, her husband, their dog Penny, and a few cats. Her life is loud, energetic, mostly fun, often gross (did she mention four of those kids are boys?), and she wouldn't have it any other way. In between carting kids to school, baseball, gymnastics, guitar, dance, track and field and every other kid activity known to mankind, she works as a school bus driver for the city of Brockton, and is the Director of Religious Education at the Unity Church of North Easton, a Unitarian Universalist congregation. Deanna also holds degrees in Elementary Physical Education and Dance Education, which she plans to put back into use one day. At parties, Deanna can often be found hanging out with family pets. She follows her children around with a camera like the paparazzi, is pretty sure that 97% of her blood stream is made of coffee, and her laundry is never done. You can also find her blogging at https://eighteenmoreyearsofburpsandfarts.wordpress.com
The Getting-Out Guide :: Boston's Best Activities for Families This December

The Getting-Out Guide :: Boston’s Best Activities for Families This December

Hello, December! The holiday season is upon us! The Boston area is brimming with fun things to do in the chilly weather! Bundle up, and get ready for a fun-filled month ahead!

Getting-Out Guide :: Boston’s Best Activities for Families This November

Welcome, November! 'Tis the season of foliage, thankfulness, and welcoming the holiday spirit! There are a multitude of great family activities happening in the Boston area this month, and this guide includes a selection...
Boston cream pie - Boston Moms Blog

7 Best Boston Cream Pies (and Cakes and Doughnuts)

My dad passed away in 2012, and every year since, I have honored his birthday with a Boston cream doughnut toast. I recently found out October 23 is National Boston Cream Pie Day. So, in honor of my dad, Dave, here is a compilation of seven of the "best Boston cream pies goin'!" in the Boston area.
mom friends - Boston Moms Blog

Making Mom Friends in 6 Simple Steps

Step 4: Establish a connection. Pointing out commonalities is often a productive starting point. Examples include: 'I too have small people who follow me around all day demanding juice and then immediately spilling it into the fish tank because the cup was the wrong color.'

Getting-Out Guide :: Boston’s Best Activities for Families This October

Welcome, October! The leaves are changing, the apples are ready for picking, the pumpkins are ripe, and the spooks, spirits, and adorable costumes of Halloween are finally here! 
Patriots - Boston Moms Blog

I Am a Patriots Fan, But Not For the Reasons You Might Think!

Football games are fun to watch. I will always love gathering with friends and cheering on my home team. But football is about more than just watching a sports team. It brings us together as a community, in so many ways. Just ask the kids.
Massachusetts bike trails - Boston Moms Blog

Massachusetts Bike Trails, Paths, and Rail Trails for the Whole Family!

There is nothing quite like the feeling of the wind in your hair as you glide along on your bike! If you are looking for the perfect, safe spot for a ride, check out some of these great Massachusetts bike trails with your family!

Getting-Out Guide :: Boston’s Best Events for Families This September

Summer has gone, the kiddos are back in school, and the crisp breeze of autumn is just around the corner! Welcome, September! 

Finding the Right Childcare Provider With Our Partners at KinderCare!

Look for a place where teachers are trained to listen to a child’s needs (at different ages and stages) and respond with appropriate suggestions and questions that guide children toward choices that will leave them feeling confident. Are teachers focused on what the children are doing? Are they engaging with children by asking questions and talking respectfully to them? How do they handle tears or children working to share a toy?
school supplies - Boston Moms Blog

The Most Important School Supply :: A Note to Teachers

I know that on the first day of school, you will use them to wipe away the tears of an anxious kindergartener who is leaving home for the first time.
judging - Boston Moms Blog

Hey Girl, It’s Me. The Mom You’re Judging.

You see, I am that mom you're talking about. The one who swears in front of her kids and enjoys alcoholic drinks. The one who lives in a messy house and drives a messy car. The one who feeds her kids fast food and doesn't blink at the thought of freeze pops, chips, or candy. The one who yells. The one whose kids dress themselves, and who only intervenes if the clothing choices are really bad or seasonally inappropriate. The one whose kids have electronic devices, play Fortnite, and watch YouTube.
back to school - Boston Moms Blog

Boston-Area Back-To-School Events 2019

Summer has flown by, and the kiddos will be heading back to school before we know it! Whether your celebration is in anticipation of a wonderful school year to come, or in anticipation of a quiet house as the school bus pulls away, here are some fantastic Boston-area back-to-school events to cap off summer 2019 in a fun way!
getting a puppy - Boston Moms Blog

Getting a Puppy Versus Having a Baby :: Are They Really That Different?

Yeah, that. "I babysat in college" is a great saying, but it doesn't mean you will have any idea what to do with a crying newborn at 2 a.m. when you haven't slept in three days. Likewise, even though we had an amazing dog for a decade, we adopted him after the puppy phase. Thus, my experience with a dog we got as a previously potty trained, past-the-teething-point, 7-month-old pup doesn't hold a candle to the 11-week-old shelter pup we just welcomed into our home. She is beautiful. And clueless. And a BABY.

Getting-Out Guide :: Boston’s Best Activities for Families This August

The dog days of summer are here! Have a picnic, pick some blueberries, and enjoy those last drops of summer vacation with some fantastic summertime fun this August!
blueberry picking - Boston Moms Blog

Pick-Your-Own Blueberries in Boston

Summer isn't complete without a trip to the farm to pick your own blueberries! It's time to pack up the family and head out on your very own blueberry picking adventure! Boston Moms Blog has compiled a list of local pick-your-own blueberry farms. Whether you bake a blueberry pie, whip up some blueberry pancakes, or pop the berries into your mouth right off the bush, we know you'll enjoy this delicious taste of summer!