Deanna Greenstein

Deanna Greenstein
Deanna is a mom of five (yes, five) children, who lives in Brockton with her small circus of kids, her husband, their dog Penny, and a few cats. Her life is loud, energetic, mostly fun, often gross (did she mention four of those kids are boys?), and she wouldn't have it any other way. In between carting kids to school, baseball, gymnastics, guitar, dance, track and field and every other kid activity known to mankind, she works as a school bus driver for the city of Brockton, and is the Director of Religious Education at the Unity Church of North Easton, a Unitarian Universalist congregation. Deanna also holds degrees in Elementary Physical Education and Dance Education, which she plans to put back into use one day. At parties, Deanna can often be found hanging out with family pets. She follows her children around with a camera like the paparazzi, is pretty sure that 97% of her blood stream is made of coffee, and her laundry is never done. You can also find her blogging at https://eighteenmoreyearsofburpsandfarts.wordpress.com
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Drive-In Movies in Greater Boston — 2020

Traditional movie theaters are opening slowly throughout the state after a months-long hiatus due to COVID-19. If you are looking for an alternative to the traditional theater experience, a drive-in movie is a fun...
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Anatomy of a Zoom Call

It’s officially summer, and all I have to say is, thank goodness the Zoom calls are done for the school year. Because remember the anatomy of a Zoom call? I sure do: Place child strategically...
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Adopting the Class of 2020

I am not the mom of a 2020 senior.  Or, I wasn't until my city began an "Adopt a Senior" page online.  The premise was simple — our community would come together to celebrate the class...
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Ice Cream for Dinner

Last night we had ice cream for dinner. There was no reason for it. Nothing to celebrate, nothing to lament. Just no solid dinner plan, and a Facebook ad for make-your-own-sundae kits at a local...
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Summer Camp (at Home) with Code Wiz

Summertime brings many wonderful things. Beautiful weather, free time, and my kids' favorite — summer camp. Each year, they look forward to a week or two of spending their days exploring exciting activities with...

Mom 2.0

It took approximately two weeks of quarantine for me to turn into my mother. It started simply enough — me staring at my living room wall and deciding I had never really liked the color....
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All Things Baby :: Boston-Area Resources for Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Newborn Care

Hooray! You're pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or recently had a baby. Now what? Pregnancy and postpartum can be filled with so much excitement and joy, but it can also be overwhelming to try to make the best decisions for your growing family. From prenatal and postpartum support to newborn nighttime challenges to pelvic floor therapy and nutrition, this guide has it all.
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Meet the Nominees! :: Boston’s Super Mom on the Front Lines

While all moms are certainly carrying a heavier load these days as we navigate our new normal, moms who are working on the front lines during this pandemic are carrying exponentially more. To us,...
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Confessions of a Homeschool Flop

On nice days, I shoo the children out the door. The dog digs holes. The children fall into the holes. The kids don't come inside until they are covered in more dirt than the ground itself. They're practically feral. There have been approximately two nice days.

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Boston Moms has got boredom covered! We have compiled this list of activities and resources that can be done from the comfort of home!
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There’s a Holiday for That :: Silly Holidays to Celebrate in 2020

My oldest son's birthday is February 1. With much excitement, he informed me that National Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day fell on his birthday this year, and we simply must celebrate. After dutifully obliging...

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Welcome, February! It might be cold outside, but we can feel the warmth of love in our hearts! There is a whole bunch of fun to love in the Boston area this month, and we have compiled this list of some events that have our hearts aflutter! 

Boston Moms Birthday Party Guide

Nothing spells excitement like a birthday party! Our kids are fantastic — what's not to celebrate? Figuring out where and how to celebrate can be a daunting task, though. The possibilities are endless! Boston...
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Which ‘Harry Potter’ Character Am I?

I don't, however, need to take any of those "Which Harry Potter Character Are You?" quizzes that pop up on my social media feed. I already know, without a doubt, which character I am.
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Codeverse Boston Is Opening!

It is never too early to start thinking about summer. It may still be chilly outside, but those warm-weather, school-vacation months are just around the corner! And with the thought of summer vacation comes...