Dashanna Hanlon


Start ‘Em Young :: Getting the Boys Involved on Chore Days

I am the kind of mom who can’t think straight if the house is too disorganized. I live by the mantra, "A place for everything, and everything in its place." As much as I’ve...
baking with allergies - Boston Moms

I Didn’t Think I Could Bake, and Then I Got Allergies

I have always been a self-proclaimed non-baker. The only thing my mom has ever baked from scratch is sweet potato pie — this is reserved for holidays and is absolutely delicious! My grandma will...
Father's Day - Boston Moms

Fathers Are Born, Too :: Celebrating Father’s Day

This year you may have a special someone in your life celebrating his first official Father’s Day. If so, you should ask him about the day he became a father. As a doula, I...
help new mom - Boston Moms

5 Unique Ways to Help A New Mom

Spring is always a reminder of new life! And as a mom, new life reminds me of babies and new parents. There will be quite a few new moms in my life this year,...

Foregoing Mom Guilt Even When I Choose Myself First

When my friends tell me they feel guilty when they're working or they worry they don't "do enough" as a stay-at-home mom, I tell them I understand. But in truth, I do not feel...
Valentine's Day 2021 - Boston Moms

Celebrating Valentine’s Day for the First Time in 2021

Truthfully, this title is a little misleading. My husband has always made an effort to get me flowers or my favorite candy for Valentine’s Day. But my birthday is the week just before Valentine’s Day,...
pandemic winter - Boston Moms

How to Survive the Pandemic: Winter Edition

Unless you’re our family dog, you’re probably not embracing the winter of 2020/2021. As COVID cases continue to rise in various cities across the U.S. and now Massachusetts, we wonder how much longer our...
bedtime with toddlers - Boston Moms

Learning to Love Bedtime with Toddlers

I LOVE putting my kids to bed at night! OK, what parent of small children actually loves bedtime? In truth, what I love is the post-bedtime silence and the ability to give my full attention...
Breonna Taylor - Boston Moms

No Indictment, No Surprise :: Thoughts from a Black Mom

It’s really exhausting to be Black in America. Maybe you’ve heard that before; you’ve probably seen it recently. But if you’re not Black, let me tell you — it's true in 2020. Like most of...
Lowell - Boston Moms

Lowell: There’s STILL a Lot to Like

My family loves living in Lowell. If you only know a few things about Lowell, you might think that's odd. But my top five reasons are a pretty good place to start.  We’re no...
separation anxiety COVID - Boston Moms

We’re All Stage-5 Clingers Now :: On Pandemics and Separation Anxiety

I never thought we’d go four months straight with two kids and NO babysitter while my husband and I both work. But there are a lot of cute things I can talk about that have...