Cheryl Mastrogiovanni

Cheryl Mastrogiovanni
plant mom - Boston Moms

The Perks of Being a Plant Mom

Long before I became a mom to my son, I became a plant mom. I hope you’re not thinking “crazy plant mom,” as in the oft-envisioned “crazy cat lady.” But I enjoy being a mom...
hot cocoa - Boston Moms

Move Over, Swiss Miss :: 7 Hot Cocoas to Warm You Up This Winter

We may be in the depths of winter, but I still try to get outside as much as possible with my son. If you’re like me, and your kids are bouncing off the walls...
family tree - Boston Moms

A Family Tree — the Ultimate New Year’s Resolution

As we start a new year, many of us have New Year’s resolutions on the brain. Instead of the usual resolutions — which are typically broken by the end of January — consider creating...