Chelsey Weaver

Chelsey Weaver
Chelsey is a Massachusetts girl through and through and currently resides on the North Shore on the New Hampshire line. In her former life, before motherhood, she was a teacher in a local high school, but now she's a stay at home mom who mostly cares for her child with special needs. She finds motherhood to be the hardest job she's ever loved and is very passionate about advocating for and educating people about neurodiverse children that may or may not also have physical or intellectual disabilities. In her "spare time" (which happens almost never) she likes to make hair bows, obsess about Disney, quilt, cook things that aren't dinosaur chicken nuggets and pretend she's good at taking artistic pictures.
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0 Emotional regulation.  Sigh. The absolute bane of my existence during this quarantine. Everyone is dysregulated — myself included. Mostly, though, my preschooler is struggling more than usual.  I can't blame her, because her whole life was uprooted...