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Boston Moms is a rapidly growing community of moms in the Boston area. We are a collaborative blog written and read by local moms. We are passionate about engaging with our readers offline through our exciting local events that connect moms to each other and great businesses.
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Is It Time for a Vasectomy?

"But what if you die and I remarry and she wants to have kids?" "What if (heaven forbid) something happens to one of our kids and we want to try to have another?" Lately, we've been...

2020 Guide to Boston-Area Camps

As busy moms ourselves, we know that finding summer camps in and around Boston is on the top of many moms’ lists of things to figure out. We've seen the posts all over social...

Boston Moms’ Guide to Photographers

Don't you wish you could freeze time while your little ones are still tiny? Boston Moms is here to help! We have compiled a list of amazing photographers in this Guide to Boston Photographers, brought to you by Miss Z Photography and Meg and Roe Photography. Use this guide to find the perfect person to capture those tiny newborn smiles, the rambunctious tween antics, and everything in between!

Welcome to Boston Moms!

Boston Moms Blog has gotten a makeover! We are so excited to welcome you to the new Boston Moms.  Same heart, soul and mission with a fresh new look!  We are honored to be a...

Boston City Guide

Getting Around | Where to Stay | Dining | Things to Do | Shopping Welcome to Boston! Whether you are moving to the area or are simply here visiting for a few days, we’ve got...

Don’t Tell Me I’m Amazing — Tell Me to Stop

Because sometimes we need to be told to stop. Sometimes it’s not OK to keep pushing. Sometimes it’s OK to say, 'I can’t do this.' But nobody tells us to stop. Everyone tells us we’re amazing and asks how we do it and applauds us and throws confetti as we slowly drive ourselves ragged into the ground.

2019–2020 Guide to Boston-Area Schools

If you are going through the daunting task of trying to pick a preschool or a private school, we're here for you! We’ve put together a fantastic list of private schools and preschools in Boston and beyond. There's something for everyone here, and we hope it helps you figure out what is best for you and your family!
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Let Your Voice Be Heard! Join Our Writing Team

Boston Moms Blog is quickly growing and is looking for contributors to join our team! We are looking for local moms of all ages who love to write.
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Summer Break

We're taking a little time to decompress and be with our families. We'll take the next two weeks off from publishing new content. See you on the 17th!
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Get a Clean Home With a Clean Conscience

As you may already know, the cleaning industry has terrible practices. Companies overwork and underpay their employees, many of whom are hired as contractors and receive no benefits or legal protection. This kind of business model is bad for employees, bad for customers, and, ultimately, bad for society. Well-Paid Maids, Boston’s only living-wage home cleaning company, is working to change that.
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Kid Inspired, Chef Crafted

It’s a struggle we all face — getting our kids to eat right and enjoy and own the choices they make. By putting the onus on students from the very beginning and being actively involved in their education, Revolution Foods empowers students to put their health in their hands!

Mastering the Juggle :: Kids + Graduate School

In taking on these challenges simultaneously, I certainly gave myself the gift of understanding and appreciating my own capacities for balance, living with imperfection, and finding the partnerships that continue to sustain me in my personal and professional life. I also showed my kids first-hand the extent to which our family values learning, growth and supporting each other as we go after the lives we crave.

An Open Letter to My Second Marriage

I’m well aware of the statistics on you, second marriage. We are even more likely to fail than a first marriage because, to summarize the hundreds of internet articles on the subject, we have even more complexities than does a first marriage, with even less of the 'glue' that can hold together a shaky union.

10 Reasons You Need a Disney Planner

The best part about working with an Authorized Disney Travel Planner is that it is free to you. Seriously. All my services as an Enchanted Planner are complimentary to you, so why wouldn’t you take advantage of everything I can offer when you plan your dream trip?
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Breasts After Baby :: Everything You Need to Know

From birth to breastfeeding and back to the start, your breasts go through several transformations worth getting real about. Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about breasts after baby before you have a little one of your own.